Speed Index Under 1000

Paul Irish, a Google Chrome Developer Advocate, recommends a speed index of under 1000 and to deliver the above-the-fold content in the first 14kb of the page.

Highest Google PageSpeed Score

Light & Bold follows all the best practices in web performance.

Lightning Fast Load Time

Even if the Load time is not as relevant as before, Light & Bold can load under a second!

Nobody likes a slow website

Speed is now so important in user experience that Google made it a key factor in determining search engine rankings.

The speed of your website is not only important to your customer’s experience but could also prevent them to view your website at all.

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Exclusives Widgets

Light and Bold include multiple exclusive widgets to help you with the administration of your website.

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Theme Features

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Easy Admin Panel

Light & Bold is designed to be incredibly easy to set up. It's as easy as filling out a form.

Responsive Web Design

It’s essential that your website is as accessible as possible on all devices. Your site will look great on your phone and your TV.

Search Engine Optimized

We've coded Light & Bold in such a way that Google will love you and search results will reflect that.

Simple Customization

We include backend color selectors so you can quickly and easily change the primary color of your site.

650+ Icons Available

No matter the screen and no matter the size, icons look pixel-perfect on every device. Choose from over 650 individual icons.

Blazing Speed

Light & Bold is packaged with everything needed for a super quick website.

Some of the performance features are, http/2 ready, Critical CSS, ASYNC CSS, ASYNC Scripts, Images and Iframes Lazy-Load and much more!

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